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In April, I informed you that we could have to limit the number of  entrants
to the PBP 2011. The BRM in 2010 will be used to allocate entries to PBP
2011. To set quotas by country, we changed the formula. The new formula will
be more equitable by using of the number of entrants to PBP 2007, the number
of finishers to PBP 2007 and the increase between the number of BRM in 2007
and in 2010. For individuals, we will give priority in pre-registration for
people who succeed BRM in 2010. More the homologated BRM will be longer and
more you can pre-register early in 2011.
More information on PBP2011 registrations: we are studying the possibility
of a full registration via internet, including the payment, with zero paper.
Also, we want to give you the opportunity, if you want it, to validate the
registration of riders living in your country.

Best regards,

Jean-Gualbert FABUREL



I would like to inform you that the Board of the Audax Club Parisien decided
during its last meeting on April 1st, to establish a way of limiting the
number of entries for the Paris-Brest-Paris 2011 for safety and quality of
organization reasons.

In 2007, you noticed saturation in some controls and if the growth between
2003 and 2007 is confirmed in 2011, it would be impossible to maintain good
conditions for participation without changing the overall organization of
this randonnee. We will work during the coming months to find a way to
welcome all those who want to participate but if it is not possible, the
Audax Club Parisien prepares conditions for limitation.

This limitation should be done at two levels:

- Collective: we would like to define a quota of participants per country so
you can communicate on this limit and you can organize several months before
PBP. We would like to give places for new comers without disadvantaging the
former countries, while taking into account the progress of each country.

- Individual: we would like to encourage people who attend your
organizations while avoiding the imposition of selection criteria far more
stringent than in previous editions.

To set the quota per country, it will be calculated while using the number
of entrants in 2007, the limit in 2011 and according the evolution of
homologations in the country between 2006 and 2010.

This method is easy to communicate and immediately provides figures in
January 2011. It promotes strong countries but leaves places for new
entrants because the calculation of the quota is made only for countries
which registered more than 50 people in 2007.

The calculation formula is as follows:

For randonneurs, pre-registration via the Internet will allow people who
made BRM in 2010 to reserve their participation for Paris-Brest-Paris.
Longer is the homologated BRM distance and earlier they wil be able to
pre-register. For example:

  • With a BRM 400 km in 2010, they may register from 15 April 2011.
  • With a BRM 300 km in 2010, they may register from 01 May 2011.
  • With a BRM 200 km in 2010, they may register from 15 May 2011.
  • by not realizing a BRM in 2010, they could not register until June 01,2011.

These dates are still to be defined and will be communicated early 2011.

The series of 4 BRM (200, 300, 400 and 600) homologated in 2011 is still
required to register for PBP 2011.

Pre-registration will be conducted by individual. Entries may be centralized
as some of you have did it in 2007.

Best regards,

Jean-Gualbert FABUREL